Marianne Faithfull: Fabulous Beast
Photographs by Gered Mankowitz 

The new limited edition book from Ormond Yard Press

I am really pleased to announce the latest limited edition book from our publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press. This is our first book for some time, and while it is in a different physical format to the volumes we have published over the last few years, it is just as precious.

The book, Marianne Faithfull—Fabulous Beast: Photographs by Gered Mankowitz is a signed 156 page hardcover, limited to 350 copies world-wide and supplied in a 12 x 12 inch presentation box with a signed print.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes things are hidden in plain sight? Gered Mankowitz is of course best-known for his Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix photographs, and over a coffee with Gered just before the Corona-virus lockdown, conversation turned to the other artists he had photographed in the 1960s. We discussed whether there were particular subjects whose photographs had not been given the exposure they deserved, and whether we could do something to put that right in a special book.

We touched on a few subjects—including Marianne Faithfull, and when we parted, Gered agreed to go through his 1960s material properly and see what was there. A few weeks later, back at home, Gered called me excitedly to say that he had photographed Marianne on nine occasions from 1964 to 1967 and he had uncovered some beautiful material in the archives—including many images that he didn’t know existed.

Once I saw everything, I had to agree—it was a spectacular body of work. So, during the lockdown we went to work. This book and print set is the result. I hope you like it and can make room for it in your collection.