We established our publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press, in order to bring you the bigger picture, literally.

We do this through publishing a carefully curated series of elegant, ultra-large format limited edition books, each one focusing on a key moment or personality in the history of popular culture, and showcasing the work of a photographer at the very top of his or her profession. The physical size of our books may be large (18 x 24 inches when closed, 36 x 24 inches when open) but the edition sizes are reassuringly low.

Our books are like no books you will have seen before: much larger than traditional coffee table volumes, they are slim and elegant at the same time. Layouts and presentations are designed to let images shine, in a clean, uncluttered style. Less is definitely more. Presented in a handsome slipcase, each book looks like a work of art you could hang on your wall. And actually, you can, as we have developed a slide in/slide out transparent acrylic display unit for you to do just that.

Neil Young’s comment on the future of books in Waging Heavy Peace pretty much sums up what Ormond Yard Press is all about: “Things are changing. I have faith that there is a place for tactile art like physical books and album covers and think that we will settle into something new, but recognisable. I do think that the future for books is in the over-the-top quality printing, paper, photography, and binding. The high price of that quality may enable the survival of the printed and bound hardcover book. “