We established our publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press, in order to bring you the bigger picture—literally.

Our aim is to focus on a key moment or personality in the history of popular culture, and showcase the work of a photographer at the very top of his or her profession. Layouts and presentations are designed to let images shine, in a clean, uncluttered style. Less is definitely more.

Neil Young’s comment on the future of books in Waging Heavy Peace pretty much sums up what Ormond Yard Press is all about: “Things are changing. I have faith that there is a place for tactile art like physical books and album covers and think that we will settle into something new, but recognisable. I do think that the future for books is in the over-the-top quality printing, paper, photography, and binding. The high price of that quality may enable the survival of the printed and bound hardcover book.”

Ultra-large format 18 x 24 inches

Over the years, we have published a series of elegant, ultra-large-format limited edition books. Our early publications were made in a very large physical size—18 x 24 inches when closed, 36 x 24 inches when open. Much larger than traditional coffee table volumes, they are slim and elegant at the same time. Presented in a handsome slipcase, each book looks like a work of art you could hang on your wall. And actually, you can, as we have developed a slide in/slide out transparent acrylic display unit for you to do just that.

Regular format 12 x 12 inches

In 2020 we began publishing a series of smaller scale limited edition hardcover books, measuring 12 x 12 inches, each housed in a presentation box with a separate limited edition 12 x 12 inch photograph suitable for framing. 

You can see both types of book below, starting with the more recent 12 x 12 inch format.

12 x 12 inch format 

Limited edition hardcover book in presentation box with separate limited edition photograph

Bowie Memories by Brian Aris
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Marianne Faithfull: Fabulous Beast by Gered Mankowitz
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18 x 24 inch format 

Limited edition hardcover book in slipcase

The Big Book of Birds of Britain.
Photographs by John d Green.
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Born to Run Revisited
Photographs by Eric Meola
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Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session
Photographs by Peter Webb
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Can You See Me?
Jimi Hendrix by Donald Silverstein
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Kate Bush by Gered Mankowitz
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Rolling Thunder
Photographs by Ken Regan
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Backstage: The Rolling Stones
Photographs by Gered Mankowitz
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I Saw Nick Drake
Photographs by Keith Morris.
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Hang your book on your wall

Make no mistake, these are big books, and we wanted to give you some different display options. Of course you can put it on your coffee table or (big) bookshelf, but we felt it deserved something a bit special. With each of our books, we took a conscious decision to keep the covers free of text, so that nothing would detract from the power of the chosen front and back cover images. That notion gave rise to the idea of this display unit – because it means you can, should you choose to, display your book just like a piece of art on the wall.

Constructed from 5mm clear acrylic, this is a solid, simple and practical way to display your book on your wall in its slipcase. It measures 18.5 inches (w) x 25 inches (h)  x 1.5 inches (d). That’s approximately 47cm x 64cm x 4cm. It has curved edges, and a split baton hanging system on the reverse. Acrylic feet at the bottom ensures that it hangs parallel to the wall. It is a nice, elegant, simple, solid piece of work.

It is open sided on the left and right, allowing you to slide your book (and please read ‘book’ as ‘book inside the slipcase’ here) in and out whenever you want to look at the contents. You also have the flexibility to show the front or the back of the book and flip it over if you feel like a change of view.

The photograph alongside shows a copy of Eric Meola’s Born To Run Revisited sitting snugly inside a display unit.

Display units are in a standard size and any of our large format 18 x 24 inch books will fit inside one. You can buy one here.

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