Jim Marshall took some classy photographs of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison. We hosted an exhibition of Jim Marshall’s Johnny Cash photographs at the gallery in 2011, and one of my favourite pieces from that show was a colour photograph of Johnny Cash leaning forward from the stage to shake hands with Glen Sherley, one of the inmates in the crowd who had written a song, “Greystone Chapel” , that Johnny Cash performed that night.

Now the Jim Marshall estate have released another colour photograph from that night – and a very important one to boot. It is the original album cover photograph used on the Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison LP. Here it is alongside, with beads of perspiration clearly visible, running down Johnny’s cheek.

This posthumous estate authorised limited edition photograph is estate stamped, numbered and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity. The image size is a generous 20×20 inches, on paper measuring 22 x 23 inches, and the edition size is 25. You can order one here.

Three other Jim Marshall estate authorised limited editions from classic album covers are also now available – Janis Joplin, from the LP Janis, Jerry Garcia, from the Grateful Dead LP Farewell to Winterland, and finally Jimi Hendrix, from the LP Hendrix in The West. All follow the same size and edition format as the Johnny Cash photograph.