Danish photographer Bent Rej is best known for his photographs of The Rolling Stones, but his archives extend considerably wider, and he photographed most of the major bands of the sixties, both in Denmark and in the UK.  We include a selection of his Kinks photographs in the exhibition for the first time.

The definitive mid-sixties Kinks “look” featured the band in ruffle fronted shirts and red hunting jackets and Bent’s classic portraits show Ray, Dave, Pete and Mick in these iconic outfits against a deep blue studio background.

These important portraits are available to purchase individually in a square format, with a choice of two different image sizes ( 50x50cm / 16×16 inches, and a dramatic and powerful larger variant with image size measuring 80x80cm / 32×32 inches.)  Editions are reassuringly small.

Bent also offers these portraits as a montage of the four images, cropped and combined, and you can see price and sizes for the montage here. We have an example of the larger version of the montage on the gallery wall.

Bent also photographed The Kinks live, and behind the scenes in less formal surroundings, climbing a lamppost in Copenhagen, or relaxing on a bus between concerts.

You can view all of Bent’s Kinks images in the exhibition here