Pat Booth, photographed by John d Green in his Kensington studios for Birds of Britain on 11 October 1966. She was 23 at the time of the session.

“It was a crazy idea, but knowing Pat was a good sport we decided to cover her with tar and feathers. We didn’t use tar though – just double sided sellotape and a pillow full of feathers” John d Green

Pat Booth was an English model, photographer and author of romantic fiction. Raised in the East End of London by a boxer father and an ambitious mother, Booth posed for such photographers as Norman Parkinson and David Bailey in the 60s.

She opened two boutiques in London, and later became a photographer herself, taking pictures of well-known figures such as David Bowie and Bianca Jagger, as well as Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother. Her work has been displayed in the National Portrait Gallery and in The Sunday Times and Cosmopolitan.

In the 1980s she turned her hand to writing romantic novels, published in the UK and the United States, partly inspired by her own glamorous lifestyle.

Pat said in a 1996 newspaper article “I did the Birds Of Britain tour to America and went on the Ed Sullivan Show. We travelled all over the country and every time we got off the plane there was tons of press trying to shoot these ridiculous girls with skirts up to their bottoms”.

She died from lung cancer in hospital in 2009.

One of John d Green’s original 12 frame contact sheets, showing the image selected for Birds of Britain – frame 21 was the chosen image. Look carefully at frame 12 and you can see one of the team applying feathers.