Paddy Carrington-Bates was photographed for Birds of Britain by John d Green at his Kensington studios on 20 July 1966.

Taken from the Chelsea News article “A ‘Bird’ In Flight Comes To Rest”: “America was stunned by 12 of the most beautiful young ladies who went there to publicise John d Green’s “Birds of Britain” book. One of these 12 was a delightfully charming young lady from Belgravia; a folk singer known as Paddy or Sammy Grey, but featured in the book under her true Irish name, Paddy Carrington-Bates.

It all happened about two years ago when John d Green first started compiling photographs. Paddy was introduced to him through a friend and was invited along for a photographic session. “it was hilarious”, se said. “It lasted from early evening to the early hours of the morning and was more like a party”

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