Mary Bee was photographed by John d Green for Birds of Britain on 18 May 1966 at his Kensington studio.

Mary Bee was Pattie Boyd’s friend from boarding school. They shared a flat together in Ovington Place when they moved to London to start modeling.

In Pattie Boyd’s ‘Letter From London’ column in the February 1965 edition of 16 magazine, Boyd says this of her friend: “I share a mews (that is a little private street off a main street) cottage with a girl friend called Mary Bee. We used to go to the same boarding school, then we teamed up again to share our first flat in Chelsea. That was a horrid place with a pokey kitchen, and we seemed to live on hot dogs most of the time. 

Our present Ovington Mews cottage is absolutely super. We have two floors with a living room, dining room, huge kitchen and two bedrooms – and we have a little black kitten named “Wee-Wee”. Mary and I are very much alike, I am five feet six inches tall and we have about the same measurements, which means we can borrow each other’s clothes – and that comes in handy. We both love cooking, and when we have special guests for dinner – like a couple of Beatles! – we join forces over the meal. My speciality is veal scallopine and Mary makes marvelous apple-crumb cake.”

“A couple of Beatles” and “apple crumble cake”? It sounds like quite a tea party.

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