John d Green photographed 23 year old Cetra Hearne at his Kensington studio on 14 April 1967, the very last session for his Birds of Britain book.

Hearne was a very good friend of John d Green’s in the 1960s. She worked for advertising agency Young & Rubicam where she was the account manager. Apparently rival agency J. Walter Thompson had the first female account manager and Y&R wanted one too! She arranged many of the jobs that John shot, booking props and locations etc. She also helped John and David Tree with many of the shoots for the Birds of Britain book; she hired the large wooden chair that Jane Asher is sitting in from Pimlico Props and she made the sequined dress that Sue Murray wears in Murray’s photograph.

Cetra Hearne is the daughter of the late actor Richard Hearne – better known as Mr. Pastry – and Cetra often appeared on Sunday Night At The London Palladium with him. Effectively a household name, Cetra remembers children shouting out “Mr Pastry” at him wherever they went. She appears in numerous Pathé newsreel film footage at home with her actor father, mother and sister.

Cetra Hearne went on to have a career as an illustrator, working in pencil and paint, she provided the illustrations for numerous books and maps.

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