Meet 23 year old Juliet Harmer, photographed by John d Green at his Kensington studios on 30 September 1966. This was the photograph that John chose to include in Birds of Britain. “No boobs” wrote Juliet in a note she gave to John at the time. She had nothing to fear. The sessions produced nothing controversial – simply a large number of incredibly beautiful portraits of Juliet – some of which will be appearing for the first time in The Big Book of Birds of Britain. You can see some of these below.

A trained primary school teacher specialising in art, Juliet Harmer taught for two years before joining the BBC as a schools television presenter. However, she is best remembered for her role as Georgina Jones in the series Adam Adamant Lives! Georgina Jones was a trendy Mod who dressed in the fashionable styles of the mid 1960s and Harmer sometimes used clothes from her own wardrobe for the part – establishing her as a trend setter in her own right.

Juliet Harmer has written and illustrated several books, including four for children and an illuminated manuscript celebrating the healing properties of herbs and flowers.

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