New Jam limited edition by Jamie Byrne

All Mod Cons by The Jam is the subject of Jamie Byrne’s latest graphic novel album commission.

“…it’s not only several light years ahead of anything they’ve done before but also the album that’s going to catapult The Jam right into the front rank of international rock and roll; one of the handful of truly essential rock albums of the last few years.”  NME review, 1978, by Charles Shaar Murray

I can’t stress enough how important All Mod Cons is for fans of The Jam. I know because I am one. I have been listening to this album for almost forty years. I still can’t quite believe that this record, which I first heard as a fifteen-year-old, is one that I go back to quite so often.

When we started planning our Paul Weller retrospective exhibition, Didn’t We Have A Nice Time, which starts at the gallery on 25 May, we wanted All Mod Cons to feature in a number of artworks. I want to share the first one with you. It is a new piece created for the exhibition by our good friend Jamie Byrne, in his very popular graphic novel style, with each panel representing a track on the album.

Gallery visitors will be able to see the original, which measures a whopping 100 x 100cm / 40 x 40 inches, and is made on ultra high gloss coated aluminium. Limited edition versions in smaller sizes are available to order now.

Jamie can create an original commission based on an album that is personal and important to you – in a unique size that nobody else will have. So whether it is “Heroes”, Hounds of Love, Born To Run or anything else in the world of recorded music, you can have a bespoke piece of your choosing.

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