David Bowie – dressed by Yamamoto, styled by Takahashi, photographed by Sukita.

Some of the most popular photographs of David Bowie we offer at the gallery are those taken by Masayoshi Sukita in February 1973. You might be forgiven for assuming that these were taken in Japan, given that the photographer and stylist lived in Tokyo and that Bowie-San is wearing an incredible costume by Kansai Yamamoto—but no—the session took place in New York. Sukita-San explains:

“A few days before the show at Radio City Music Hall, Bowie did a photo session, a rehearsal and an interview at RCA Studio. He went on to do another rehearsal at Radio City Music Hall. Yacco-San was working as the stylist, running here and there with costumes by Kansai Yamamoto that she’d brought over from Japan. They looked marvellous.”

Yasuko ‘Yacco’ Takahashi was the first professional stylist to work in Japan, operating from Tokyo’s Central Apartments complex—housing many of the major names in 1970s Japanese creative industries—fashion, design, music, photography and advertising. Masayoshi Sukita had an office in Central Apartments and worked with Yacco.

Each of Masayoshi Sukita’s “Watch That Man” photographs is available to purchase in a choice of two physical sizes: on 16 x 20 inch paper, in an edition of 30 worldwide; and on 30 x 40 inch paper, in an edition of 10 worldwide.

Some of these are now approaching the end of their editions. Watch that man, but don’t watch for too long.

Watch That Man I
Watch That Man II
Watch That Man III
Watch That Man IV