Jimi Hendrix by Gered Mankowitz

Crosstown traffic: The traffic light ChromaLuxe photographs

This beautiful set of three Chromaluxe photographs by Gered Mankowitz can be purchased individually, depending on your preference for green, amber or red, or as a set of three if the traffic light analogy appeals to you.

Maybe you haven’t seen a ChromaLuxe photograph before? Let me tell you, they are something pretty special. Chromaluxe printing is an archivally stable process that produces prints with outstanding depth and an ultra-high-gloss finish. The technique uses a process called dye-sublimation to fuse the image directly into the surface of white-coated aluminium. The resulting print has richly saturated colours and a jewel-like appearance – it can sometimes make you think they have their own internal light source. They actually look good enough to eat. 

There is a subframe on the reverse for hanging on the wall—so that the artwork appears to float. Additional framing/glazing is not required (as ChromaLuxe has a scratchproof surface) but can be arranged as an option. ChromaLuxe prints are very light and are easy to ship, so there are no additional shipping charges anywhere in the world.

There is a choice of three physical sizes, going up to 100 x 100cm / 40 x 40 inches approx. In the photograph above, we are displaying them horizontally, but equally they could be hung vertically.

Gered Mankowitz: Jimi Hendrix traffic light ChromaLuxe – green
Gered Mankowitz: Jimi Hendrix traffic light ChromaLuxe – amber
Gered Mankowitz: Jimi Hendrix traffic light ChromaLuxe – red