The Treasury

Gered Mankowitz | Jimi Hendrix

At the start of the pandemic, we began work on a special project. 

Our aim was to create the ultimate collectible—something designed for the completist collector, built around a key session by an acclaimed photographer.

There were no rules to follow. We started with a blank sheet of paper, and let our imaginations run. Cost was not going to be a restricting factor. We were in pursuit of excellence, and the dream of creating a body of work that would give its discerning owner something elusive—pure pleasure. Why settle for less?

Now, almost twelve months later, it is ready to share with you. 

The Treasury is a very special collection consisting of photographs, contact sheets and books, all housed in a beautiful bespoke cabinet. The subject—the complete Jimi Hendrix archives of Gered Mankowitz—is the most important Hendrix studio session by one of the masters of the music genre.

At its heart, The Treasury is a celebration of the portrait miniature – an exquisite and finely detailed small-format artwork. It is not the result of market research or of focus groups. It exists purely for its own sake, and because it should.

There has never been anything quite like it. 

I hope you enjoy it.