The press have been going crazy for Roger Kasparian.

Nobody can quite believe that such a fabulous archive is only just being offered to collectors for the first time. The French press are calling him their Sugarman, in a nod to Rodriguez. A book is now in the pipeline, and a film is being discussed. Wow.

The Beatles photograph from their concert on 20 June 1965 by Roger Kasparian that accompanies this news item is very rare. I didn’t actually realise it was so rare until a Beatles boffin pointed this out to me, but photographs of George with a twelve string Rickenbacker are impossibly difficult to find. Who knew? Personally, I had been loving this one because of the band’s linear formation, each one doing his individual thing, and John really belting out his vocal. 

The great thing in all this is that editions are very small, and prices are very keen. Roger is only offering a maximum of 30 of each image, spread over three paper size options. Once they are gone that’s it – Roger will make no further prints of those images. Ever. Prices are very affordable, but, as this thing gathers momentum, they won’t always be at these levels.

You can now own a little piece of the sugar. Check out the collection here

This is my favourite.

Remember – you saw them here first !