British photographer Martyn Goddard is probably best known for his photographs of Blondie and The Jam, both of which have been the subject of recent exhibitions at the gallery.

He also photographed the cover of The Cure’s first album, Three Imaginary Boys, which is available to order as a signed limited edition photograph in a choice of sizes.

Martyn recalls the background to the shoot for us: “The still life on the cover of The Cure’s debut album was conceived by Polydor sleeve designer Bill Smith. I had worked with Bill on The Jam’s In the City album and The Cure were another new act the label was about to promote. There was a problem however; the band didn’t want their portraits on the cover. We came up with using common household goods to represent the band members. The record’s title focusing in on “Imaginary” was a help with our final concept. I wanted to use the bright pink background as it would stand out in the point of sale record racks and I happened to have a roll of pink colorama paper in the studio.”