1 June 1967. Fifty years ago today,  The Beatles released their magnum opus of an album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The photograph shown above is not quite the album cover – it is the original frame taken by Michael Cooper of Peter Blake’s set, featuring both the actor Leo Gorcey (top row, four from right) who was later removed after demanding a fee, and Mahatma Ghandi (above Diana Dors, on the right), who was removed because EMI felt his presence might impact adversely on the Indian market.

Michael Cooper’s invoice for the 30 March 1967 photo-session at his Chelsea Manor Studios on London’s Flood Street is a tantalising document. We know that Cooper made 54 prints from the session on 20×16 inch paper for selection purposes. The cover shot is incredibly important, but wouldn’t it be something to see all of them together? Maybe one day….

Like many of you, no doubt, I have been feasting on the Sgt Pepper box set since last Friday. It’s an incredible production – hats off to Giles Martin and all at Apple for releasing the package in this format. The whole box is incredible, and the lenticular cover on the slipcase surrounding the box set was an inspired touch.

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Japanese picture disc. Mmmmmm