Sex Pistols x Keith Haynes

Snap Crackle and Pop! — our exhibition of work by Keith Haynes — is on show at the gallery for one more week, ending at 5pm Saturday 1 December 2018.  

It’s a really special collection, in which Keith explores pop art in its purest form, using beautiful vinyl records — the hard currency of pop culture — to create striking and witty pop art pieces with a strong graphic design aesthetic. 

The punk and new wave explosion in the 1970s is an enduring influence on Keith, and here we focus on some of his Sex Pistols artworks based on that key period in our musical history.

Profiles and portraits

The three pieces that follow are made using cut vinyl records and presented in black box frames measuring 52 x 52 cm.

God Save The Queen – Black on red – in 52 x 52 cm black box frame
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Johnny Rotten – Anarchy In The UK – in 52 x 52 cm box frame
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God Save The Queen – Last Post – in 52 x 52 cm box frame
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Nine Queens

In Nine Queens, Keith brings together nine different coloured vinyl versions of ‘God Save the Queen’ on the A&M label, each one cut into the profile of Her Majesty. This vibrant piece is presented in a 70 x 80 x 10 cm acrylic box frame.

God Save The Queen – Nine Queens
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Keith’s ‘God Save The Queen’ uses words cut from original Sex Pistols vinyl.

Each letter making up each word is cut from an original 7 inch vinyl pressing of ‘God Save The Queen’ and the words are set on a Union Jack background made from coloured perspex, cut to shape. This 70 x 70 cm artwork is presented in a clear perspex box frame.

God Save The Queen – Vinyl Word – in 70 x 70 cm perspex box frame
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God Save The Queen – Diamond black – in 25 x 25cm box frame
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Never Mind The Pollocks, God Save The Sex Pistols

A reference to artist Jackson Pollock, this piece incorporates paint splatters in his inimitable style against a backdrop of sixteen empty picture sleeves from ‘God Save The Queen’ singles. This piece is supplied in an 85 x 85 cm black wood frame.

Never Mind The Pollocks God Save The Sex Pistols – in 85 x85 cm black box frame
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