Masterplan25: Oasis

Photographs by Michael Spencer Jones

Exhibition runs Saturday 14 March to Saturday 16 May 2020

In our new exhibition we present a stunning collection of signed limited edition photographs from the Oasis archives of Michael Spencer Jones, alongside rare Oasis memorabilia from Michael’s personal collection.

Today we profile a personal favourite, which I hope you like too. It’s the white Rolls Royce in the swimming pool, from the 1997 Be Here Now shoot.

The Rolls Royce in the swimming pool

You can see one of the Be Here Now session photographs from the exhibition above, and framed just below. It shows the white Rolls Royce in the swimming pool at Stocks Hotel in Hertfordshire, before the band members appeared for the album sleeve photograph.

This is one of my favourite images in the exhibition. The Rolls Royce was a homage to Keith Moon, and despite the fact that the image is a portrayal of rock ’n’ roll excess, it is a remarkably soothing and calming photograph. The saturated blue and green hues make it a pleasure to look at on a rainy day—or any day. On the gallery wall it will be presented in a huge 44 x 60 inch version, but it is available to purchase in a choice of sizes to fit all roomspaces.

If you would like one in your life, you can order one here.

Be Here Now session – Rolls Royce in pool – 1997

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