Bob Dylan news – The Rolling Thunder Revue

It has been quite a week for Bob Dylan devotees.

Martin Scorcese’s new documentary on Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue came out on Netflix yesterday. A 14 CD boxset of rehearsals and live performances from the Rolling Thunder Revue is also just out.

To add to the fun, today we announce details of an upcoming Bob Dylan print at a special pre-order price. You can read about it below.

I saw the Scorcese film last night. What a fascinating piece of work. It was great to see glimpses of Ken Regan—the official photographer on the tour—at the start of the film, at S.I.R., and up a ladder taking a group shot of the troupe.

I am so used to seeing Ken’s black and white photographs from late 1975 that it is spooky when scenes that I know so well in black and white play out in colour on screen—like the interaction between Bob Dylan and Patti Smith on the stairwell.

Sadly Ken died in 2012, but his legacy lives on through his estate, who release beautiful limited edition photographs from his archives. You can see his Rolling Thunder photographs, and read about a beautiful limited edition book, here.

We also have a small quantity of Ken’s signed photographs available. Please ask for details.

View Ken Regan’s Rolling Thunder Collection

Concert setlist prints – Bob Dylan is next up

Today we announce the fourth in our growing series of limited edition setlist prints, taking inspiration from a classic concert performance and turning it into a limited edition artwork. The first three prints in the series featured Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen and The Jam.

Each print is made by hand on a vintage letterpress using movable type — as ‘analogue’ as it gets.

There are no prizes for guessing that the next print will focus on Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue. The print is being published at the end of August 2019.

For early-birds who are prepared to take a punt before we release details of the design, the print is available to purchase in advance at a substantial pre-order discount. To get an idea of how it might end up, you can see the first three below.

You can order one here or through the button below.

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