Masayoshi Sukita is probably best known for his photographs of David Bowie – including the iconic cover image from Bowie’s 1977’s “Heroes” album. A documentary of Sukita-san’s career is being released in 2018 in cinemas in Japan, directed by Hiro Aihara, and this will shine a light on his wider archive.

His music portfolio includes beautiful photographs of Marc Bolan and T.Rex. These photographs were taken over a relatively short six month period starting on 30 June 1972, and are, without a doubt, some of the most memorable pictures of Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn – and have gone on to become part of the band’s legacy.

Click on the link below to view the Marc Bolan / T. Rex photographs from Sukita’s 1972 sessions, and which are available to purchase as signed, numbered limited editions.