Introducing ANIMALS by Keith Haynes

Here’s the flying pig that got away.

Keith Haynes playfully recreates the mayhem on the site of day two of the photo-shoot for Pink Floyd’s 1977 album, Animals. After choosing Battersea Power Station as the backdrop for the cover, the band commissioned a German company, Ballon Fabrik (who produced Zeppelin airships) to produce a 40ft inflatable pig (Algie) filled with helium to fly above the power station in the LP cover photograph.

The shoot was set up on 2 December 1976, but the pig would not inflate properly—although they did get some nice shots of the power station against a dramatic sky. The next day the pig was successfully inflated but broke free of its moorings and sailed off over London, causing much havoc—including the cancellation of flights at Heathrow airport. On day three the now-recovered pig was inflated and stayed in place, against a cloudless sky. The actual album cover showed a photograph of the power station taken on the first day, incorporating an image of the flying pig taken on day three. 

Keith Haynes’s witty take on the scene comes framed and ready to hang in a 75 x 75 cm white box frame.

Don’t be afraid to paint your walls to make this beautiful piece feel even more at home.