Introducing Kai Schäfer

Acclaimed German photographer Kai Schäfer’s celebrated “Worldrecords” project has been making waves in his homeland, and I am delighted to introduce Kai’s work to our clients. His incredible large-format artworks combine classic vinyl with iconic turntables – both subjects close to our hearts at Snap Galleries.

Kai’s monumental photographs create a talking point in any room in which they feature – particularly in large sizes, which can be up to 82 inches / 2.1 metres wide. Each is a tribute to analogue sound, and features a key album or single on a classic turntable, photographed from a direct overhead position using a special lighting system designed by Kai to reveal rich details in the vinyl and the turntable.

“A deeply personal, almost religious experience.
Thank you, Germany. Thank you, Kai Schäfer.”  

Peter Hook – Joy Division, New Order

If you have a favourite record, please talk to us about customisation options – as you can commission a piece with a record of your choice teamed up with a classic turntable. Alternatively, you can select from any of the existing combinations that Kai has already created, which are offered in small limited editions. We show a selection of these on the website. My personal favourite at the moment is the gorgeous streamlined Braun SK61 record deck teamed up with the Janis Joplin 1971 B Side ‘Mercedes Benz’. Then again, the Transrotor AC is pretty special….as you will see…

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