I am delighted to be able to offer our clients a selection of limited edition photographs by Claude Gassian.

Claude is one of France’s top music photographers, and has been working in the music genre since the early seventies. I have admired his work for many years, and am the proud owner of two of his books of photographs, so it is a particular pleasure to now work with him.

Claude is probably best known for his photographs of The Rolling Stones, but his archive goes much deeper, and our selection also includes Miles Davis, Patti Smith, Neil Young, Serge Gainsbourg, REM, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Lou Reed.

His photograph of Miles Davis in the back of a limo after a performance in Paris in 1986 first caught my eye many many years ago, and his portrait of Patti Smith visiting Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris in 1976 is one of the finest portraits of her I have seen.

Claude offers signed examples of his work in small limited editions.

Check out the photographs here.