ICON: Music through the lens

A new six part documentary showcases some of the most important music photographers

ICON: Music through the lens is the title of a new six part series which launches on Sky Arts on Friday 6 November 2020, and features interviews with many of the photographers we work with.

Featuring passionate and often irreverent in-depth interviews with the most renowned music photographers, musicians, gallerists, journalists and social commentators, ICON is a six-part rollercoaster ride through the rich history and cultural impact of music photography. From the central question of: “what makes an image iconic?”, the documentary makers seek answers through an in-depth exploration of studio portraits, record sleeves, music magazines, live shows , exhibitions, coffee table books and the fine art world, to end with another question: what does the future hold in the digital age? ICON puts amazing photographs and the stories behind them at the centre of this definitive look at one of popular culture’s most striking, enduring and popular art forms.

It is available on Freeview in the UK.  It is perfect lockdown viewing – check it out.

The ICON website has more information here