The Sex Pistols debut single was released on 26 November, back in 1976. Three and a half minutes of mayhem that still sounds as fresh today as it did back then.

Check out this huge and beautiful version of a pink vinyl seven inch ‘Anarchy’ which has been immortalised in a 30 inch diameter version using our Temple of Wax service, and is heading off to a new home in the USA for Xmas.

Let us create an ultra-large format version of your favourite record. They look spectacular, especially with coloured vinyl.

The Temple of Wax creates bespoke three-dimensional artworks for you in any size of your choice – up to 40 inches diameter. The starting point is always an original vinyl disc, which is then photographed professionally, printed on aluminium with an ultra-high gloss finish, and the metal is then cut to circular shape and the centre hole cut out. It can hang unframed on the wall, or can be framed. Don’t worry if you don’t have the record – we can source one.

Continuing with the Sex Pistols theme, we have some special large-format coloured vinyl versions of ‘God Save the Queen‘ going up on the gallery walls in the run up to Christmas, and some large format David Bowie singles in our David Bowie 1977 Iggy Pop exhibition.

This is a bespoke service completely personal to you.

Go on. Treat yourself.

Read about The Temple of Wax and commission a piece
A 30 inch diameter example with an original 7 inch single alongside
An example in an acrylic box frame. Other framing options are available.