Sometimes a set of images just grabs you instantly, and you know you have to show them. So when I met with portrait photographer Kevin Davies in early January, and he showed me some of his portraits of Grace Jones, taken in London in 1998, wearing a collection of hats by Philip Treacy, I knew that we had to make space on the gallery walls for these incredible artworks.

It’s a heady concoction: Jones and Treacy, captured by Davies. The images are incredible – the colours just pop, as you can see. In 2013 Phaidon published a beautiful book of Kevin’s photographs of Philip Treacy, which is well worth seeking out. The book is the result of a 20 year collaboration between the revered hat designer and long-time friend Davies who has followed Treacy every step of the way.

Kevin has made a conscious decision to offer these five photographs in very small editions. Just thirty of each image are being released, taking account of all size options.

They look wonderful in combinations, so don’t feel you have to restrict yourself to just one.

View them here