One of the gallery’s most popular artists, Keith Haynes, has created a beautiful new limited edition print – the sixth in his growing Spines series. The latest Spines print features classic albums by Bruce Springsteen, and this signed limited edition piece is available to order.

In Spines #6 Springsteen, Keith Haynes recreates the spines of Bruce Springsteen albums to form this beautiful new limited edition print. The starting point is Keith’s own record collection, which he supplements with missing albums he needs for the piece. These sleeves are used as research materials. The painstaking process then begins as Keith tracks down all the historic fonts and uses these to recreate the spines himself, building up the artwork spine by spine. So this is not a photograph, and neither is it assembled from actual sleeves cut up in some way – it is a completely new artwork designed and created by Keith.

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“Baby We Were Born To Run” by Keith Haynes

Why not also check out Keith’s limited edition piece “Baby We Were Born To Run”, a mixed media piece cut from original 12 inch and 7 inch vinyl Bruce Springsteen albums and singles and presented in an 80 x 80cm perspex box case.

View the artwork Baby We Were Born To Run