Good friend of the gallery Frank Stefanko was thrilled when Bruce Springsteen chose his 1978 photograph Corvette Winter to be the cover image on his autobiography, Born To Run. It is Frank’s best known photograph.

Frank Stefanko fondly recalls the shoot in Haddonfield, NJ during the winter of 1978:

“Bruce arrived in a slick ’60 Corvette. I think that car was his pride and joy. It was loaded, it was sleek, it ruled Route 9 and the New Jersey Turnpike. I imagined what it would be like to be Bruce, cruising in that ‘Vette up the Pike under that giant Exxon sign in the wee, wee hours, thinking up song ideas while listening to his favorite tunes in that bad-ass Corvette.”

If you would like one of Frank Stefanko’s signed Corvette Winter photographs on your wall at home or at work, get in touch.

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