Celebrating ‘Ode to Billie Joe’ by Bobbie Gentry

Bobbie Gentry’s ‘Ode to Billie Joe’ is a captivating song. The composition has always struck me as pretty groundbreaking — with the story unfolding as the family sit around the lunch table, passing round the blackeyed peas and the biscuits. There’s so much mystery around the reclusive Miss Gentry these days — almost as much as the mystery surrounding why Bille Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge in the first place.

It’s a song worthy of celebration. But how?

We approached artist Alex Borg to see if he would be interested in creating an exclusive limited edition for us.

He was — and here it is:  just 20 are available, and the framed size is 43.5  x 56.5 cm / 17 x 22 inches.

You can order one via the link below.