The world of collectible photography in which we operate is geared around limited edition pieces—ie multiples of an image—and so it is refreshing for us to be in a position to offer our clients something completely unique.

While researching a recent Kate Bush book, Gered Mankowitz uncovered a cache of original polaroids from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s featuring not just Kate Bush, but also many of the groups and solo artists he worked with during those decades. In common with his peers, Gered would use polaroids to test a shoot set-up and lighting, and often to allow the sitter to see his vision for a session. Polaroids were often discarded – but sometimes were not.

By their very nature they are complete one-offs—created as a single unique reference at a specific moment in time. It struck me immediately when Gered showed me a selection of these little nuggets that the original polaroids themselves are really exquisite objects—tiny explosions of colour, with an image area measuring just 2.25 x 2.25 inches / 6 x 6 cm approx.

Gered had never considered that the original polaroids themselves could be desirable objects in their own right, but I had a sense that they might be. So I am delighted therefore, that Gered has been persuaded to part with some of his original polaroids. We have put together a small collection to offer to collectors.

Each one is signed on the reverse (there is no room on the front) and they are supplied already framed, so all you need to worry about is where to hang them.  We have framed them with a deep mount and a slim profile frame, which work together to draw you into the image, with overall dimensions of approximately 7.75 x 8 inches (19.5 x 20.5 cm). Perfect as single pieces for small spaces, they can equally be teamed up in clusters of two, three etc. A certificate of authenticity is mounted on the back of the frame.

Subjects include: Kate Bush, Slade, Eurythmics, Kim Wilde, Suzi Quatro, Genesis, Elkie Brooks, Wham, ABC, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Sparks, Generation X and Oasis.

So this is a chance to own something genuinely unique—something which no one else in the world can own. They are also, by definition, vintage pieces—the physical prints come into existence within a few seconds of taking the photograph.

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