We are delighted that local band Violet will be playing a live set for us to mark the end of our latest exhibition – 45 RPM Furr & Mankowitz

The music starts at 2.30pm on Saturday 17 March 2018, and the band will be playing in front of our huge wall of Marianne Faithfull images.

A number of the pieces in the 45 RPM exhibition are actually violet (with titles like Electric Violet, Absinthe Violet and Madder Violet) so it had to be fate that some of the band members walked in on the first day of the show – when the idea of a live set to close it out was born.

Violet come drenched in big sounds with an indie spark, combining influences that draw from 90s Grunge to Britpop – creating a unique ethereal, yet captivating sound. Their first single “Feel” is on Spotify, and we’ve had it on our playlist for a few weeks now. Their second single “Jaded” is out on 23 March 2018.

Come and check Violet out in the flesh at the gallery on Saturday on 17 March 2018 – at 2.30pm. There’s no charge, and you will get to see something pretty special.

The video for “Feel” is definitely worth 4 minutes of your life. Here it is:

“Feel” by Violet