it may surprise you to learn that this is actually the very first time that the overwhelming majority of these photographs have ever been offered for sale to collectors. In fact, only one photograph in the entire exhibition has ever been available to purchase before. There are 33 different limited edition photographs in the exhibition. All vinyl aficionados love that number, because a vinyl LP rotates at 33 1/3 rpm. With David Bowie’s new album, The Next Day, just out, an exhibition off 33 photographs seems pretty apt – and completely unintentional of course. 

The photographs are being sold in number order, starting with the number 1 in each edition. With a couple of exceptions, each photograph is available in a choice of two size options, 16 x 20 inch paper and 30 x 40 inch paper. So the first person out of the blocks on the 16 x 20 inch paper size gets to take home number 1/30, while the first purchaser of the larger 30 x 40 inch paper size gets number 1/10.

Everyone likes the idea of having a number 1, but please don’t get too hung up on numbers. If you do want to acquire something, then with Sukita setting edition sizes so low, the important thing is going to be to actually secure one in the first place.

We have the advantage over you in that we have seen all the prints in the flesh. Sukita is a perfectionist, and the quality of the printing is absolutely spectacular. If you can make it to the gallery, you will see examples of both sizes framed on the walls – although of course for each of the pieces in the exhibition, we are showing just one size – either the regular 16 x 20 or the large 30 x 40 version.

If you have the budget and the wallspace to stretch to the larger 30×40 inch paper size, I can promise you that it will blow your mind. The impact of the increase in scale over the 16 x 20 is dramatic and significant.

It’s been a pleasure putting this exhibition together – we hope you enjoy it.