We have received many requests for Eric Meola to release limited editions of some of the previously unpublished photographs that appeared in his new book, Born To Run Revisited.

We are delighted to be able to offer collectors the chance, from today, to order two of the most commented upon spreads in the book, as limited edition photographs to frame and hang on your wall.

The photographs

There are two choices, and both feature Bruce with Clarence.

The first piece, titled Big Man Joined the Band is shown alongside, reproduced in a frame effect (to give you an idea of how it might look once it is framed up on your wall). This is a tight close up, taken over Clarence’s right shoulder.

You will find price and size info here

The second piece, shown below, is titled Walk Like the Heroes and features Bruce and Clarence twice, as this ‘duo’ combines two frames on a single sheet. This has been a very popular spread in the book, and the left hand image was used as the book’s title page.

Price and size info for the limited edition photograph is here

Other details

Eric’s photographs are extremely collectible, and edition sizes are very small.  Just 30 of each photograph are being released worldwide, in a choice of two size options

15 will have an image size measuring 12 x 18 inches on 18 x 24 inch paper.

15 will be much larger – with a 20 x 30 inch image on 24 x 36 inch paper.

Each photograph is signed, numbered and dated by Eric Meola in the white border under the image area and each one is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Eric.

They are sold in sequential number order, starting with the number 1 photograph in the edition of 15.

Click on any of the images to go straight to price and size info.

The book: Born To Run Revisited. To find our more about this stunning ultra size limited edition book, the first in a series by our new publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press, go here