We are delighted to be working with renowned Italian photographer Guido Harari. Guido is a good friend of the gallery and this is the first time that we have offered his work to our clients.

I wanted to start by focusing on some of my favourite pieces in his archive, which feature Tom Waits. Recently, Guido published a beautiful book of photographs of Tom Waits, "Tom Waits: Le Fotografie Di Guido Harari"  (and you don’t need to speak Italian to guess what the title means), and it is with Tom Waits that we start our journey with Guido. You can see Guido’s Tom Waits photographs here, and you just need to click on the individual thumbnail images to get price/size info. Guido’s signed limited edition photographs come in a range of physical size options.

One of my favourites (and Guido’s) is that of Tom running with the cape, shown alongside. There’s a nice story behind it, which Guido tells: “This is one of my favorite photographs. It was taken in Place des Vosges, in Paris, in 1992, while Tom was promoting his “Bone Machine” album. I had already used my time as granted by his record company and was having a coffee chatting with a French photographer friend. When his time came to shoot Tom, my friend invited me to attend the sitting. This was still the age of analogue photography and, once he finished his roll of film, he had to stop and reload his camera. Restless and provocative as ever, Tom tore down the photographer’s backdrop and, using it as a cape, he started running up and down this courtyard. The guy was so shocked that he couldn’t capture this unexpected moment of madness, but I did instead. I started running with Tom, chasing and teasing him all along and managed to get this shot within a couple of rolls of film. Tom loved the shot. I don’t know about the other guy ! “

Guido has agreed that all purchasers of one of his limited edition Tom Waits photographs will also receive a signed copy of his book of Tom Waits photographs.

You can read more about Guido here.  We will be introducing further examples of Guido’s work over the coming months.