I’ve just finished devouring the excellent biography A Light That Never Goes Out by Tony Fletcher of one of my all time favourite bands The Smiths.  The cover of the book features a montage of headshots of Messrs Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce by photographer Stephen Wright.

Stephen’s work is well know to Smith’s fans as he was the man who made the Salford Lads club portrait of the group that appeared on the inner gatefold of The Queen is Dead.

I’m delighted to announce that Stephen has re-worked the montage that appeared on the book cover and is releasing the resulting image – shown here – as a limited edition in a choice of sizes, including a large variant with a 17 x 27 inch image on 20 x 30 inch paper, a limited edition of 25 worldwide. Full details are here

Smiths traditionalists can acquire Stephen’s Salford lads club portrait as well.