Sheffield based artist Jonathan Wilkinson has created a new painting, titled “After the Shock” for us for our Kinks exhibition, and it is a cracker.

"After the Shock" takes the genesis of what made The Kinks sound so famous, and more importantly, changed the DNA of how future guitar music would sound.

Jonathan explains the background to the painting:

“After The Shock” depicts my interpretation of a small segment of the scene in the Davies home when Dave, angered and frustrated at the limitations of his guitar amplifier and the "clean" sound it was giving off, struck upon an idea. Determined to find a heavier sound, he took to slashing the rear of the speaker cones with a razor blade. All this reportedly took place whilst the Davies brothers were composing their most famous hit "You Really Got Me". Hearing the basic riff played in a jazzy style by Ray on the piano, Dave was compelled to make it a beast unto itself, and at first suffered an electric shock as a result of his modification. When he picked himself off the floor and immediately returned to his guitar, it was as if he had somehow stored this electric energy and channelled it from his fingers to his guitar, in the process creating a riff that changed music forever.”

The painting measures 24×24 inches / 61×61 cm ( framed size) and is framed in a clean and elegant black flush mounted frame. It is also available in a smaller version as limited edition print (14×14 inches / 35x35cm image size).

For price information and to purchase, go here