The Stone Roses seem to be everywhere at the moment – and rightly so, because their legendary first album was released 25 years ago, in May 89. In the UK, Channel 4 recently aired Shane Meadows’ documentary of their comeback tour. Amazing stuff.

So it seemed perfect timing when Pennie Smith offered us a collection of press prints of The Stone Roses from her archives. Some are one-offs, and for some, we have more than one example. They are all online now, all priced at GBP 360. 

These duplicate press prints from Pennie’s files are typically on 9.5×12 inch (24x30cm) inch paper, and each one is made in the darkroom by Pennie Smith and signed by Pennie. They aren’t all 100% perfect, as they are working prints for press use, and will have been handled over the years. As a result some of them show some small signs of wear and tear etc.  For the most part this does not affect the image area and so when they are framed, any small dinks to corners would not be seen. On the website we are showing just the image area, but If you would like us to send you a photo of any of these prints, so that you can see the full sheet, and how the image fits on the paper, just get in touch.

Pennie hardly ever exhibits her work, as she is still a full time working photographer, so it is rare that we have this opportunity to offer so many examples of her work.

View them here