A variant of the 1966 album cover photograph.

Gered recalls: “This photograph is an out-take from the “Between the Buttons” album cover session. It was taken very early on a beautiful morning after an all night recording session. The Stones always recorded through the night and I thought that their “look” after one of these gruelling sessions might capture an image that would be right for the time. The band’s manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham agreed, as did the band, and at about 5.30 a.m. we all set off in a procession of limousines for Primrose Hill. I had built a rather clumsy filter of black card, glass and Vaseline, which I hoped would create a strange, ethereal and slightly “stoned” look to the photos. In spite of Brian Jones being rather unhelpful some of the time, and all of us feeling the bitter early morning chill, the photos turned out better than I could have wished for and the cover image has become one of my most famous and enduring photos of the Stones”.