Gered Mankowitz has selected eight of his most important photographs from his 1960s archives to produce as platinum prints and present in this very special box set collection. This beautiful portfolio of eight 15 x 19 inch platinum prints is offered to collectors in an edition of 35 box sets. The subjects featured are: Jimi Hendrix Smoking, Masons Yard Studio, London (1967) ; Jimi Hendrix: Classic, Masons Yard Studio, London (1967) ; The Rolling Stones, Caged, London (1965) ; Mick Jagger, RCA studios, Hollywood (1965) ; The Rolling Stones, Primrose Hill, London (1966) ; Marianne Faithfull, The Salisbury Pub, St Martins Lane, London (1964) ; The Yardbirds, Ormond Yard, London (1966) ; Eric Clapton, Twickenham film Studios (1969)

Platinum prints are among the most beautiful and permanent forms of photographic reproduction, revealing textures, depth and tones that are unmatched by other processes. Each platinum photograph is made by hand on Arches Aquarelle Watercolour paper, measuring 15 inches by 19 inches, and each one is signed and numbered in pencil by Gered Mankowitz on the front of the paper just below the image area.

Each photograph is then archivally window mounted to display the image area. The title, subject, location and date are embossed onto the mount. Although image sizes vary, the mounts are cut to a consistent size (16 x 20 inches) which ensures that when framed, the photographs all have the same external dimensions so that when framed, they can hang together in perfect symmetry. They are supplied mounted, but unframed, and housed in a beautiful 17 x 21 inch acid free purple portfolio box with Gered Mankowitz’s signature on the front. The mounts are cut to cover the signature and number.

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