Project Description

Celebrating classic guitars

We present a series of  3D-effect limited edition photographs of some of the most acclaimed guitars in the history of rock & roll. These incredible artworks are made on a bespoke basis for you in a custom size of your choice.

Photographing classic guitars 

What’s the big idea ?

There’s something beautiful about a photograph of a classic guitar. Many years ago, we sold a now-out-of-print book of life-size guitar photographs, put together by a French publisher. It was called The Foxylady Project, and the scale of the book was spectacular. The guitars in the book were special—but they weren’t the actual guitars owned and played by the musicians we revere. The guitars I am talking about, the ones owned and played by Keith Richards, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and others, do come up for auction from time to time, and now regularly fetch seven figure sums.

Working directly with the owners of historically important original guitars, we have developed a way to experience—for a fraction of these eye-watering auction prices—something close to the joy of owning one of these incredible important vintage pieces. 

These are not life-size versions—they go way beyond that—but are a revolutionary ultra-large format, in customisable sizes up to 280cm / 110 inches long. 

The results are mind-bending.

Jimi Hendrix’s Monterey Festival Fender Stratocaster

To paraphrase the man, let’s get right down to business.

If you love Jimi Hendrix, guitars, or bright shiny objects in general, then I think you will enjoy this incredible new limited edition artwork.

This is a photograph of the black Fender Stratocaster with the rosewood neck that Jimi Hendrix played at the Monterey Festival—the incendiary 1967 concert performance that cemented his reputation as a global superstar. It is a guitar that stands up there with the very best. It was Jimi’s weapon of choice for one his greatest performances, and a vital and integral part of the history of rock and roll. The original is going to be sold at auction in 2020 but in the current market you would need to be prepared to invest a seven-figure sum to purchase it. That puts it out of reach for most. 

But how about owning a slice, for a fraction of the price of the original guitar? Don’t worry—not an actual slice—we are not going to to be damaging the guitar. We have a different strategy for this Stratocaster. Working with the owner of this historically important and cherished instrument—the actual guitar that Jimi Hendrix played at Monterey—we have created a large-format, three-dimensional, limited edition photographic artwork, that you can hang on your wall and enjoy every single day.

Paul Weller’s All Mod Cons Rickenbacker

This is a photograph of the actual Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo model that appeared on the back cover of the album that turbo-charged the career of The Jam: All Mod Cons, their third album released on 3 November 1978.

The front cover of All Mod Cons is a minimalist affair; Paul Weller sits on a simple wooden chair in the centre, towards the back of an empty room with brick walls painted white. He is flanked by Bruce Foxton standing on the left and Rick Buckler seated on the right, to the front of the frame. Their shadows surround the seated Weller. The front cover sets the context for the back cover, where the musicians are replaced by their instruments: Foxton’s bass, Weller’s Rickenbacker, and one of Buckler’s drums appear in the same positions as our heroes on the front. The Rickenbacker carries a distinctive sticker — it says “The Boys”.

The guitar is now privately owned, and was recently displayed in public in the excellent About The Young Idea exhibition, both in London and Liverpool. Working directly with the owner, we have created a large-format, three-dimensional, limited edition photograph of this historically important instrument.