Now for some news of a new exhibition of Johnny Cash photographs by Jim Marshall, coinciding with the publication of Pocket Cash, a new softcover volume of Jim Marshall’s Johnny Cash photographs.

The exhibition runs upstairs in our Piccadilly Arcade gallery from 15 February to 2 April 2011, and will feature ultra rare photographs signed by Jim Marshall before he died ( including the classic JC Flippin’ the bird at San Quentin prison ) along with a carefully curated selection of limited edition estate prints released onto the collectors market for the first time.

You can view thumbnails of the images here. Click on individual images to see size options and prices. 

The book, Pocket Cash, will be available to purchase at the gallery throughout the exhibition. Completed just before legendary music photographer Jim Marshall’s death, Pocket Cash brings together some unique moments from the illustrious career of The Man in Black. From never-before-seen photos of intimate gatherings to iconic pictures of his live recordings at Folsom and San Quentin state prisons, this is a visual tribute to the legendary singer, and to his wife, June Carter Cash. Billy Bob Thornton and Kris Kristofferson offer personal recollections, while John Carter Cash, in a heartfelt introduction, shares memories of his parents and reflects on the unique artistic eye of Jim Marshall.