When we first offered this magnificent photograph, ‘Darkness’, by Eric Meola, in 2006, it captivated a lot of people – and for good reason. The composition is outstanding – and just look at that drama in the Nevada sky. The fact that it was Bruce Springsteen driving the Galaxie 500 towards the camera was an added bonus. Of course the question everyone who came to the exhibition wanted to know was: "How do we know it was really Bruce ?"  Well the answer to that question came in 2010 when a photograph from that same session, showing Bruce sitting on the hood of the car, was used on the cover of The Promise LP. 

Back in 2006, just five signed, numbered examples of Darkness were offered to collectors, all in a very large format, with a 30×30 inch image size. They all sold out very quickly. Well, one is now coming back on the market for the first time, as a client has decided it is time to free up some wallspace.

You can read some more about Darkness here. If you are interested in making an offer for this beautiful piece, please get in touch with us.  

Equally as exciting – we have an example of Eric Meola’s Born To Run album cover photograph, from a limited edition of 25 with a 12×18 inch image size. This size sold out on the primary market, and examples only come back on the market when one of the existing owners decides to sell. Now is such a time. If you are interested in this important photograph, get in touch.