Eddy Merckx is a complete Tour legend, and features in a number of pieces in James Straffon’s LE TOUR exhibition. Here’s a quick rundown:

3DDY – a unique piece

The ‘mechanics of worship’ is significant within pieces such as 3DDY – an installation piece which incorporates a vintage GAF Viewmaster, and has the viewer ‘looking to the light’ – their gaze falling on the victorious travails of Eddy Merckx. Here, the house of god, in the palm of your hand. Maybe.

To the right you can see a shot of photographer Emily Allchurch looking through the Viewmaster, and far right, the 3DDY piece in its entirety. Wait a minute…. Emily Allchurch

Yep – seems we can’t get away from the religious undertones with these pieces.

Les Disques, I II and III – limited edition prints

Extracting some of the frames from the three Viewmaster ‘disques’ used in 3DDY, James has reinterpreted the Rose (or Catherine) window, frequently located at the north or south transepts of a cathedral. These radial, spoked compositions reposition the subject into a cyclic framework. Modern-day icons, captured within the vernacular of worship, you might say.

The three prints in the Disques series all feature Eddy Merckx and are produced in limited editions of just six worldwide. They measure 60 x 60cm, and each one is signed and numbered by James Straffon. You can see a close up extract from Disque I below, along with smaller versions of Disque II and Disque III below, and one of the Cathedral windows that inspired them.

The portrait Series: 149 Coureurs et Merckx – a unique piece

A vibrant triptych featuring the Cannibal – from the portrait series

King of the Mountains: Eddy Merckx on Alpe D’Huez – a limited edition print

Finally, Merckx features in the King of the Mountains series – one of nine prints, each one a limited edition of just nine worldwide, signed and numbered by James Straffon.  These edition sizes are very small.