Here’s ‘Konvertible Kinks’ by British photographer Mike Leale, a beautiful piece from our Kinks exhibition, Photographs and Artefacts. 

On first glance, it might appear that it is just the four Kinks in the photograph, but if you look carefully at the top right hand corner of the frame, you might just make out a fifth person surveying proceedings from behind her net curtains.

Konvertible Kinks comes as a signed limited edition in a choice of two sizes, starting with an 18×18 inch/ 45×45 cm image, and as an alternative, a whopping 30×30 inch / 75x75cm image size. That big one is on show in the exhibition.

We have two other pieces by Mike Leale in the exhibition, both shown below – a group shot of the band with flowers, and a nice montage of performance shots of Dave Davies.