One of the most spectacular pieces created by Gered Mankowitz from his Jimi Hendrix archive is now up on the wall at the gallery. Jimi Hendrix Smoking sepia and rust is printed on metallic paper, mounted on aluminium, and presented in a box frame without glazing to maximise the impact of light on the print. It comes in two physical size options – 100x100cm and 150x150cm. 

Until now, we have always shown the smaller 100x100cm size in the gallery. This has been a really popular piece – at the time of writing, there is just one left in the smaller size. The 150x150cm big brother has, until now, not appeared on the gallery wall.  It is in situ at the moment as part of our Xmas group show, It Will Stand!, and welcomes you as you walk in the door.

It’s often difficult to convey how these look in the flesh, so if you would like to know, come and see us.