Jim Marshall is universally acclaimed as one of the greatest music photographers of his or any generation, and like everyone in the industry, we were all saddened when he passed away unexpectedly in March 2010.

Jim’s signed handmade silver gelatin prints hang in collections on walls all around the globe, in the homes of the famous (eg Michael Douglas) and not so famous ( eg me). The death of a photographer always results in a lengthy absence of the work from the primary market, as typically it takes many months, sometimes years, for the executors of an estate to work out what signed work is in inventory, catalogue it and decide on what to release and at what price.

Well, we have some good news for collectors of Jim’s work, because a window is now open. We have access to some of Jim’s classic signed images, because the executors of his estate are releasing a number of signed inventory photographs onto the collectors market. These prints are signed by Jim Marshall, and this will be the first time since he passed away that there has been this opportunity. Demand will be high, and will exceed supply.

A number of pieces leap out at me in this collection – Miles Davis in his corner, Mick and Keith recording Exile on Main Street, The Beatles at Candlestick Park, Johnny Cash – but don’t let me sway you – check them out for yourself. My personal favourite in this batch is the Who close up portrait from 67 – a killer band at home in their own skin, all totally engaged with the camera ( how does Jim  Marshall do that?) but in particular Roger Daltrey’s eyes piercing, and to cap it all unusual backdrop – trust Jim Marshall to pick a wall with interesting cement.

You can view the whole collection here

If you want one (or two) don’t hang around.