This new exhibition presents a collection of signed original Jim Marshall photographs alongside estate authorised limited editions.

Signed examples of Jim’s work held by his estate are getting very very scarce. So scarce that we have just two signed examples from Jim’s Stones archives available. They happen to be Jim’s two most important Stones images. First up, Mick and Keith recording Exile on Main St in Sunset Sound studios in LA in early 1972. This is made on 11 x 14 inch paper, and it looks exquisite in this small size. Second, a solo shot of Keith from the same session, with trademark cigarette, on 16 x 20 inch paper. This photograph is such an icon that it has featured in all four of Jim Marshall’s published books. We have included both images alongside.

The estate authorised limited editions, which occupy the downstairs space at the gallery, come in just one size option (16×20 or 20×24 inch paper, and this varies depending on the image). The nice thing for collectors is that there is no crossover – in other words, the signed pieces are not offered as limited edition estate authorised prints, and the estate prints are all images that were never released as signed pieces during Jim’s lifetime. For example, the great shot of Mick in his Palace Laundry t-shirt shown below is one of my favourites and is available as an estate authorised limited edition of 25 on 16 x20 inch paper, supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

You can view the range here and there are some gallery interior shots too

Stocking filler books by Jim Marshall

The exhibition coincides with the publication of The Rolling Stones 1972 a new book of (you guessed it, the clue is in the title…) Jim’s Rolling Stones 1972 tour photographs, with a foreword by Keith Richards, and an introduction by music critic Joel Selvin. The Sunset Sound shot of Mick and Keith features on the front cover. it’s a real nugget of a book, and measures 8.5 x 7.5 inches approx. Copies of the new hardcover book are available to purchase at the gallery now for £15.  We also have a supply of Jim’s larger coffee table book Trust, which features a wider range of subjects but does include further Stones photographs not featured in Stones 72. Trust is £25.