Barrie Wentzell was born in England but now lives in Canada – but we won’t hold that against him, as his archive of treats from the sixties and seventies is magnificent.

The special thing about Barrie’s limited edition handmade silver gelatin photographs is that not only did he take the photographs in the first place (of course) but he also makes the prints in the darkroom himself – so when you buy one of Barrie’s silver gelatins, you know that he has made the whole meal, from soup to nuts.

What is particularly exciting for us as we are presenting a number of Barrie’s classic images exclusively to the collectors market for the first time. Worthy of note in particular are:

  • Pete Townshend, a colour photograph from 1968 taken at IBC studios where Pete was recording Tommy. He still has a very mod look (check out the desert boots and badge) and he’s playing a 12 string guitar.
  • The Kinks, taken in 1968 on Hampstead Heath. We have always struggled to source good 1960s Kinks material so it is gratifying to be able to plug that particular hole.
  • Jimi Hendrix – a staggeringly beautiful solo portrait of Jimi in profile on stage at Woburn in 1968
  • Jimmy Page, photographed in an ‘Olde Worlde Tea Shoppe’ in 1970 and never made available until now

Check out the initial selection of Barrie’s images online here. You’ll find some classics – Beatles, Dylan, Diana Ross, Led Zep, more Hendrix and Who, Syd Barrett and more.