Masayoshi Sukita’s 1977 photograph of David Bowie that appeared on the cover of "Heroes" was one of the most popular limited editions in our exhibition of Sukita’s photographs at the gallery.

It is nearly completely sold out, and just a few examples remain available. If you would like this important piece for your collection, you can order one at this link

David Bowie was visiting Japan with Iggy Pop to promote Iggy’s album The Idiot – which Bowie-san had produced, and arranged to meet with Sukita-san for a photo-session. The photographs were meant to have a punk feel. David Bowie had asked for as many leather jackets as possible, and ended up wearing more than one at the same time. The whole session lasted just over an hour.

After the session, Sukita selected about 20 photos to give to David Bowie, including the images that was ultimately used on the “Heroes” LP sleeve. When David Bowie contacted Sukita to say he wanted to use it, Sukita was delighted. “Heroes” went on to be voted Melody Maker magazine’s best cover image of the year. Many years later, the same photograph would be used on the cover of David Bowie’s 2013 album The Next Day.

"I was very proud. I am still very fond of this photo." Masayoshi Sukita.

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