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Get your vinyl on the wall

If you don’t have your old records, it’s incredibly easy to find online all those old classics that you used to own  (you know – the ones your wife made you sell – or am I the only one?).

The beauty of the Art Vinyl range is that at the push of a button you can completely change your display to fit your mood. Each frame has a unique quick release system which makes it very easy to switch out the contents. You can go for an individual frame, or blitz it with many.

We have a block of 50 frames on display in the gallery, taking up a whole wall, and this will be a permanent display feature. The range has recently expanded to include a white version – for that ‘Apple Mac’ effect – alongside the standard black model. Or advice is that black frames work best on a white background, while the white frames look perfect on a coloured wall.

Order now, and get up in your loft or on eBay to hunt down some cover art!

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